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High Standing Chalet

A mountain refuge is a timeless place. Hikers, mountaineers and other lovers of pristine peaks stop here to spend a few days immersed in the alpine art of living. These haunts are places steeped in tradition, whose inaccessibility and rusticity are often the source of their charm... But who said that "refuge" couldn't rhyme with "top-of-the-range"?
Nestled in the white of the peaks, Wanderful Life's top-of-the-range chalets combine refinement and Alpine tradition with precision. Les Arcs and Saint-Gervais are sumptuous refuges, but also unusual accommodations in tourist coliving. The aim of these places is to offer you a unique concept that is no longer a stopover, but an ascent to a goal in its own right.

Intimate Space 100% Private

Hybrid and atypical places.
The recipe is simple: optimal living comfort, particularly refined architecture, an ideal location, quality encounters... all ingredients for an extraordinary stay.
Wanderful Life offers luxurious chalets, lost in a natural setting. All the unique features of a mountain refuge. Sleeping at altitude, waking up in the morning to snow-capped peaks, going to bed at night with a breathtaking view of illuminated mountains...
Wanderful Life aims to be that rare and unique corner of Paradise on Earth. These exceptional places offer the chance to experience and feel your time in the mountains differently.

Crazy common areas

Close your eyes and imagine waking up inside a cosy nest. The curtains of your comfortable room open to an unobstructed view of the peaceful, snow-covered Alpine peaks. The scent of hot croissants, coffee and fragrant chocolate guides you into the living room, where laughter is already resounding.
Then it's off to the large, fully-equipped kitchen to concoct delicious Savoyard specialties (tartiflette, fondue or raclette?). After dinner, we slip into the relaxation area with sauna and whirlpool. In the evening, you can slip into its cocoon of softness, far from the beaten track. Or step out onto the chalet terrace to gaze at the peaks studded with billions of sparkling stars.

Authenticity, sharing and ecotourism

In the morning, the chalet manager is there to offer you breakfast and respond to your requests.

In places that are always magical

That's the promise of a coliving vacation in our Wanderful Life chalets. From now on, it's not just about tourism. We want to discover new, more responsible ways of traveling that give meaning and depth to our stays and getaways. Coliving vacations combine the advantages of quality rentals with those of shared accommodation. A grog of comfort and good vibes, in short!

Our mission is to bring you "l'art de vivre alpin"

It's a waking dream that we, the joyful Wanderful Life team, have decided to share with you. Passionate about our region, we've imagined a place where we can pass on our love of the Alpine way of life and create authentic encounters, through a new and innovative way of traveling. Our concept can be summed up in two words: "touristic coliving", or "living together while discovering a unique place". Coliving vacations are ideal if you want to get out of your comfort zone easily and be part of a group, in harmony with nature.

Mountains never close

We, the hosts of these mountains, offer to be your guides and help you discover the culture of the Alps throughout your stay. With your well-being in mind, we are committed to welcoming you in exceptional, comfortable homes... And even to preparing luxurious breakfasts and unlimited coffee! But above all, we want to offer you an experience of unparalleled richness and moments that will make your stay unforgettable and unique. We want you to feel "at home", in an exceptional place!

What do we do in the mountains?

Wanderful Life is also the experience of unusual coliving accommodation: chalets at the foot of Mont-Blanc, at the crossroads between luxury hotels with every comfort and accessible Airbnb. Nestled in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie Alps, our top-of-the-range refuges in Les Arcs and Saint-Gervais feature both cozy rooms with private, intimate bathrooms and communal living spaces where you can share moments of life on a human scale. Our rentals are veritable little havens of peace in the heart of the mountains, where skiing, hiking, meditation sessions in the midst of exceptional scenery and evenings of relaxation in the jacuzzi and sauna all come together.

Why rent a studio when you can stay in a magnificent chalet?

Coliving vacations are much more than just vacations. Whether you're a solo traveler or a couple, it's a complete experience of sharing and discovery, in contact with others and nature. Ideal for getting away from it all...

Take advantage of our common spaces

Wanderful Life's top-of-the-range refuges aim to be that rare and unique little corner of Paradise on Earth. In addition to being luxurious accommodations, they are also coliving places, shared with other travelers, for a unique human experience. These exceptional places offer a new way of experiencing mountain life.

Fully equipped rooms

Why choose to stay in top-of-the-range refuges such as Wanderful Life chalets? High-end refuges offer the opportunity to combine adventure and comfort, high-mountain traditions and luxury to disconnect and recharge, pure and simple. Wanderful Life accommodations invite you to discover all the dimensions of a high-end chalet and more.

Grocery store with local or organic products

Authentic, chic, design and cocooning... These sumptuous chalets have been carefully furnished to create a warm and welcoming environment. You'll find a delicatessen stocked with local and organic products for an aperitif or a meal if you don't feel like cooking.

Wanderful Life



Our chalets

Our chalets

Les Arcs

coliving & art de vivre savoie


coliving & art de vivre haute-savoie



the Air

Wanderful Life: unusual coliving

If you’re curious, you’ll want to take a look at these doubly astonishing accommodations… Wanderful Life is a concept that’s shaking up the codes of mountain tourism with a new trend: coliving! In concrete terms, you have at your disposal a superbly comfortable, top-of-the-range chalet, where you live as a community (except in the private areas). High-quality mountain refuges are rare in themselves, but such accommodation combined with the notion of coliving is even rarer. Originally designed to welcome digital nomads seeking inspiration in the mountains, Wanderful Life chalets include coworking spaces, high-speed WIFI, a “relaxation corner”, ultra-comfortable private areas and many other surprises that you’ll discover for yourself, as the days and nights go by. Now, with 6 and 7 hotel rooms worthy of a luxury Michelin-starred hotel, and living spaces designed for everyone’s well-being, the Wanderful Life chalets invite the curious from France and beyond. They offer a complete change of scenery, the pleasure of settling in the mountains with unrivalled comfort, all within two homes that combine alpine art de vivre, living together and sumptuousness…


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