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A holiday for team leaders
who love their team

High-end refuge

Wanderful Life offers managers, business leaders and executives the ideal concept for implementing benevolent management, where listening, debating and sharing are the foundations for creating a team that lives together in trust.
The team members they lead feel supported, encouraged and motivated to reach even greater heights.

We take care of everything

We're your one-stop shop. We take care of everything you need: stocking the fridge for cooking, booking activities and restaurants. Find a home chef. Find a transfer. We're on site and know all the ins and outs.

Quality before quantity

We are thinking of those who want to have a positive impact on their environment by offering them a different kind of business tourism. Tourism where the experience is truly high value-added for the company, and where the company is high value-added for the region.

The perfect place to co-construct a team vision

"A team is not just a group of people working together. A is a group of people who trust each other." - Simon Sinek.

A truly human-scale experience

With 6 rooms in Le Arcs (for 6 to 10 people) and 7 rooms in Saint-Gervais (for 7 to 12 people), you'll have the ideal space to manage your team and set new goals. We're all familiar with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' two-pizza rule. "If you can't feed a team two pizzas, it's too big". For Amazon's founder, project teams should not exceed 6 to 10 people.

Exceptional chalets in refuge mode

The fridge is stocked by the chalet manager who, as soon as he has received your information and answered your questions, slips away to let you settle in. While some cook, others prepare the aperitif and still others prepare for the next day. You live in total autonomy in the chalet with your team, as in a refuge, but with the comfort of an exceptional chalet. Time spent together is an important part of our experience, allowing your team to get to know each other better without the artifice of a professional setting.

Modular workspaces

The chalets are equipped with 100 megapro fiber and a coworking space, but the whole chalet is one giant office. You have access to fiber everywhere, so it's easy to work in the living room, outside, in the bedrooms - anywhere, even in the hot tub! Our aim is to break down barriers and masks, so that your team becomes a real group of people who trust each other.

The Lencioni Pyramid

A tool to adopt during your stay. According to Lencioni, trust within a team is the foundation for the achievement of objectives and the success of the collective enterprise. This trust becomes sincere and unconditional when each team member accepts to be vulnerable in the eyes of others, knowing that this in no way diminishes his or her value. The experience that awaits you during your stay at Wanderful Life is highly conducive to creating this state of trust and vulnerability, which is difficult to build in a corporate office.

An inspiring stay

"Great achievements are always preceded by great thoughts".
Steve Jobs

Fibre 100 M


Unlimited coffee

With Wanderful Life,

combine comfort

with experience

Our chalets

Our chalets

Les Arcs

coliving & art de vivre savoie


coliving & art de vivre haute-savoie



Back at work, put the lessons learned from your time at Wanderful Life into practice. Plan each stage of your project carefully, listen to your team’s feedback and make sure everyone stays focused on their objectives. Keep that confidence in your team, built or strengthened in the chalet, to find solutions and debate problems constructively in order to move forward. Stay tuned and modify your plan if necessary. These changes will make it easier for you and your team to achieve your objectives and strengthen your cohesion.


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